About us

We are three vegan sisters who love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.  We grew up in Central Illinois, learning to love our grandmother’s traditional Sindhi Indian food, our parents’ eclectic and healthful weeknight dinners, and the wonder of Midwestern sweet corn. Eva currently lives in Chicago with her cat Minx and dog Selkie.  Leila lives in Boston with her daughter Talia, husband Josh, cat Charlie, and dog Simon.  Sindha also lives in Chicago and works for the food tech startup Hampton Creek Foods.  We are inspired by our travels and cultural heritage, so expect to see recipes influenced by the zesty arrabiata of Rome, the hot and crispy pakoras of Sindh, dill-infused matzoh ball soup by way of Poland, the smoky wonder of a good patatas bravas from Spain, and, of course, that beloved sweet corn.  We love food that is healthful, compassionate, and above all, delicious.

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Getting Noticed

Baking is Hot featured our Cookie Dough CupcakesStrawberry Bread and Beet Muffins.

Foodgawker has featured our recipes.

Seriouseats featured our very popular Beet Bean Burgers.

Tastespotting has featured our recipes.

Photograzing as featured our recipes.

Finding Vegan has featured our recipes.


20 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi girls, I love the way of your lighthearted introduction of who you are and why you love cooking. You skillfully integrate your family’s background and the new eclectic approach of your mom’s cooking. Way to go, girls!
    P.S. Adding the photos really adds to the charm of your blog.

  2. I am hungry after seeing all the photos of glistening food during and post preparation. But is hungry good for a overweight almost octogenarian?

    • Hi nano! Thanks for stopping by. Leila and I like to cook on the healthier side of things, so I think hungry is definitely good!

  3. I really like your new vegan website and contributions! Presentation is wonderful, and makes the food look absolutely delicious. I wonder if there is to be a book coming up?
    Your fresh and energetic descriptions of the food selections are inspiring. I wish you all the very best of success, and I am certain that you will acquire a large audience. Keep on doing what you are doing, as I also know you are having much fun. It’s a great way to stay together in your busy lives. I’m looking forward to your subsequent posts.

  4. Can you tell me where I can eat arepas in Auckland? Is there any grocery or shop where I can buy Harina Pan? Please do let me know.

    Best wishes,

    • Luis- I have never been to Auckland, so I’m afraid I can’t really help. You should call around or visit any Latin grocers in your city, or you might look into ordering online. There is a link to an amazon.com store in the arepa post; I don’t know if they ship to NZ. Arepas are a Colombian and Venezuelan specialty.

  5. My co-worker sent me your blog and I fell in love immediately. I’m a new vegan and am trying not to eat anything processed and your blog is perfect!! I love, love sweets and I’m so excited that I can still make yummy desserts without dairy or eggs.

    Thank you so much for posting your recipes and I look forward to new posts. I was really sad when I got to the last page.

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  7. Hi Ladies – I love your blog (so glad I found it!) and your charming personalities. I look forward to future posts and trying out these wonderful recipes for a dairy-allergy-sufferer like me!

    I married a native Texan and live near Fort Worth, but I cherish my Southern roots and have the Bluegrass in my blood. I was born and raised in Western Kentucky, a coal miner’s daughter, and the grand-daughter and neice to farmers. Nothing beats going home in the summer to pick, shuck, and savor that very delicious sweet corn. In fact, I’m having some for supper tonight – YUM!!!

    Thanks again for the wonderful blog, I will be making and sharing these great recipes!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by Nicole! I’m glad you have enjoyed reading our posts 🙂

      I have to agree with you about sweet corn. Are you able to find good sweet corn at this time of year? We’re currently buried in snow here in Chicago and I’m pretty sure there is no corn (of any quality) to be found! I can’t wait for summer.

      Good luck with your dairy-free baking, and we’d love to hear feedback and/or comments on our recipes as you go!

      • North Texas is buried in a solid layer of ice topped with several inches of snow and I am definitely suffering cabin fever. I wish I could share my bounty of sweet corn with you. My parents in Western Kentucky have a HUGE garden and sweet corn patch. We picked more than 30,000 ears of corn last summer and I brought about 200 one-gallon freezer bags filled with cut off corn for the freezer. Add a lil’ bacon grease and you have yourself a very fine sidedish!!!!

        I am hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday and I intend to make the zebra cake and/or cookie dough cookies-n-cream cupcakes…if I can get to the store!

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