Low Fat Triple Berry Crisp

Hello from the middle of a Chicago winter! I just moved here to take a job with the amazing Hampton Creek Foods (like us on Facebook here). Eva, her boyfriend Omar, and I are all roommates now, which means our apartment is literally 100% of the time filled with delectable vegan food because we all love to cook.

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Simple Mint Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Makes 24 cookies

Ha! I have trapped you into reading this post but I am not going to say much about the cookies. They are minty and chocolately. They are fudgey. They’re really good and quite easy to make.

But actually I am here to announce that we now do social media. Oh yes, we’re a very modern trio. Please “like” us on Facebook here and “follow” us on Instagram @strawberrypepper. We’ll post bonus food pictures and give you a heads up about new recipes.

Anyways, enjoy your holidays and these wintery cookies! A batch is being shipped out to Leila at this very moment :).

PS- Yes, that’s a picture of unbaked cookies because, um, I may or may not have eaten a few that way.

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How to make a Watermelon Serving Bowl

Summer’s coming! Well for those of us living in the non-temperate Northern Hemisphere it is anyway. And with summer comes the bountiful fresh fruit and frequent summer barbecues. Usually when I go to a barbeque I’ll like to bring some sort of dish with substance, to show off the homemade veggie burgers and quiches, but sometimes, you just gotta be lazy. Let someone else do that work for you.

When that happens my go-to dish is often a fruit salad. Because they’re delicious and healthy and there’s almost nothing better than fresh fruit! And it’s really something you can’t have too much of.

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Lemon Scented Earl Grey Pound Cake

Monday morning I woke up 2 hours before my alarm went off with a hankering for some cake. My stomach was grumbling and I could not fall back asleep. I had a decision to make. Should I (a) get ready and go to work early or (b) bake a cake? Clearly, I was not about to go to work early. Who even does that? So instead I baked a breakfast cake and watched the sunrise over Lake Michigan from my living room window.

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Blueberry Key Lime Crumb Cake

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting on my couch petting my cat after dinner dreaming of desserts. I often do this. That is, think about desserts and without actually making any or eating any. It’s just kind of a thing to do.

Anyway, as I was sitting there, I had this sudden desire to eat a blueberry coffee cake with a big topping of limey-fresh crumb. I’m not sure where this desire came from, seeing as I have never been a big coffee cake girl. (This might be related to the fact that I’m not a coffee person in general). I let the idea simmer in the back of my mind over the next couple of weeks, almost forgetting about it, dealing with other life-events.

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