Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Okay, okay, so you probably already have a favorite banana bread. I know I do. (See Veganomicon p. 228.)  But you have room in your repertoire for one more.  If you try this recipe, you will understand.

While traditional banana bread is dense and chewy, these muffins are fluffy, tender, and they melt in your mouth a little. Instead of the usual assertive banana bread spice blend, these have a light vanilla scent, a little tang, and a hint of zest. They are hovering dangerously on the border with a cupcake. Muffcake? Cupkin? Whatever, just give me another one!

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Banana Peach Waffles

I turned my favorite smoothie into a waffle. These waffles are delightfully fruity with little juicy bits of peaches and a wonderful banana aroma. And there’s nothing better than a fluffy waffle drizzled with maple syrup to get me going in the morning.

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Heavenly Strawberry Bread

I have always loved strawberries. When I was three I named my cat Strawberry. Actually, I pretty much love all fruit. I dare you to find a fruit I don’t like.  Wait, I have one for you: durian. My problem with durian is 100% the smell. I want my fruit to smell sweet or tart, I do not want it to smell like compost. Luckily I don’t come across durian very often.  But I am getting off track here. Back to strawberries. Mmm strawberries. I mean, come on.


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