Rustic Apple Cake

Serves One Sindha or Six People 

This cake is known in the vegan underground scene as the “Big Apple Sensation Cake.” By that I mean: that’s what my mom calls it.

Q: Sindha, What is a “Sensation Cake”
A: A cake which is sensational

Q: What is a “Big Apple?”
A: It’s the nickname for New York City, where I live.

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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Okay, okay, so you probably already have a favorite banana bread. I know I do. (See Veganomicon p. 228.)  But you have room in your repertoire for one more.  If you try this recipe, you will understand.

While traditional banana bread is dense and chewy, these muffins are fluffy, tender, and they melt in your mouth a little. Instead of the usual assertive banana bread spice blend, these have a light vanilla scent, a little tang, and a hint of zest. They are hovering dangerously on the border with a cupcake. Muffcake? Cupkin? Whatever, just give me another one!

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Orange-Chocolate Zebra Cake

Growing up, marble cakes were my favorite cakes. A special treat, reserved for special events, vacations, and the like. Recently I wanted to eat some marble cake, but wanted to take my childhood favorite to the next level. Using an orange scented white cake base and layering with a rich chocolaty batter to make a zebra stripe pattern, then topping it with some orange buttercream frosting, made for the perfect citrusy and rich dessert.

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