Rustic Apple Cake

Serves One Sindha or Six People 

This cake is known in the vegan underground scene as the “Big Apple Sensation Cake.” By that I mean: that’s what my mom calls it.

Q: Sindha, What is a “Sensation Cake”
A: A cake which is sensational

Q: What is a “Big Apple?”
A: It’s the nickname for New York City, where I live.

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Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes

If there was ever a sassy cupcake, this would be the one. A dash (well, maybe more) of peppery cayenne, a sprinkle (okay, more than that) of spicy sweet cinnamon and the smoothness of the delectable chocolate. I used your traditional moist and rich chocolate crazy-cake recipe as the base, just adding the cinnamon and cayenne for flavor. It pairs perfectly with the cinnamon buttercream frosting I’ve topped it with.

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