Low Fat Triple Berry Crisp

Hello from the middle of a Chicago winter! I just moved here to take a job with the amazing Hampton Creek Foods (like us on Facebook here). Eva, her boyfriend Omar, and I are all roommates now, which means our apartment is literally 100% of the time filled with delectable vegan food because we all love to cook.

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Rustic Apple Cake

Serves One Sindha or Six People 

This cake is known in the vegan underground scene as the “Big Apple Sensation Cake.” By that I mean: that’s what my mom calls it.

Q: Sindha, What is a “Sensation Cake”
A: A cake which is sensational

Q: What is a “Big Apple?”
A: It’s the nickname for New York City, where I live.

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Carrot Maple Oat Bars

I imagine that these lovely carrot bars are the sort of thing Good Hostesses have on hand at all times. The sophisticated marriage of carrot and maple has a decidedly uptown appeal, while the drizzle of cream cheese glaze reassures that this recipe is a crowd-pleaser. The bars are elegant enough to be the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon tea or after-dinner coffee. And if you skip the glaze, they would be a sweet and hearty addition to your breakfast table. See? Elegant, versatile, crowd-pleasing–these are things that the Good Hostess in my imagination would definitely appreciate.

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Low Fat Strawberry Shortcake

She called for the doctor, and the doctor said // Give that baby some shortnin’ bread!

In my mind, there are only two ways to eat amazing strawberries, and one of them doesn’t require a recipe. If you want to just eat them raw, rinsed, straight out of the container, you now have my permission. For the rest of you, those who can delay gratification for about 30 minutes, I have this recipe.

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Heavenly Strawberry Bread

I have always loved strawberries. When I was three I named my cat Strawberry. Actually, I pretty much love all fruit. I dare you to find a fruit I don’t like.  Wait, I have one for you: durian. My problem with durian is 100% the smell. I want my fruit to smell sweet or tart, I do not want it to smell like compost. Luckily I don’t come across durian very often.  But I am getting off track here. Back to strawberries. Mmm strawberries. I mean, come on.


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