Gnocchi alla Romana

Hey there–I’ve missed you all!  Sorry for the long hiatus, and many thanks to Miss Eva for holding down the fort. Where have I been? Criss-crossing the country on a job hunt, and finishing my dissertation. I’m starting to get my feet back on the ground after all of that though, and I have something I’d like to share.

Up today is a semolina dumpling called gnocchi alla romana. I made it for my husband this week, in celebration of our anniversary. It tastes absolutely sinful, and if I hadn’t made it myself, I would never have believed it was vegan. The dish gets its twinkle from the contrast of textures: crisp edges, chewy crust, and ultra-creamy interior. This is the best comfort food you’ve never tasted.

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Sai Bhaji

As mentioned on our About Us page, we sisters are half Sindhi. Growing up, we got to experience the wonderful traditional Sindhi cooking of our grandmother, and the less traditional, but equally delicious, Sindhi cooking of our father. One of the most common dishes that our grandmother made was Sai Bhaji, a spinach-based one-pot meal. Like many Indian and Pakistani style dishes the vegetables and dal are cooked down until they form a thick flavorful gravy.

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Mediterranean Eggplant Skillet Pie

I’m always on the lookout for something new to do with potatoes.  When word of this crunchy hash brown pie crust reached my ears, the idea buzzed around my head like too many cups of coffee for weeks. You see, we take our potatoes very seriously around here. Such a perfectly potato-y crust surely deserves only the finest filling. And I wanted something that would take the humble hash brown concept and jazz it up–move it out of breakfast-at-the-diner territory and give it a sense of belonging on your dinner plate. When our farm share delivered eggplant and tomatoes to our pantry last week, the final inspiration came. This hash brown crust was going to Morocco.

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Sun-dried Tomato Quiche

I promised you a recipe that uses the creamy sun-dried tomato “alfredo” i made a couple days ago. And now, as promised, I have a tasty treat to share with you! I thought the flavors would be amazing in a quiche (sun-dried tomatoes are the best in just about everything), and is there even really a difference between alfredo and quiche? I mean, think about it… okay so maybe it isn’t normal to go from creamy sauce to custardy pie, but I like to try and think outside the box.

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Sun-dried Tomato Alfredo

I have two dishes I order when I go to Olive Garden. Why do I go to Olive Garden, you ask? The breadsticks. I love breadsticks. In high school I used to eat them for lunch. In my head breadsticks are a perfectly normal meal. But this post isn’t about breadsticks. It is about fettucini alfredo, one of the two dishes I get at Olive Garden. I love the creamy goodness of alfredo sauce. But I do not love the 1200 calories and 75g of fat that go along with it. Actually, I will probably never order that again, yikes.

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