Simple Mint Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Makes 24 cookies

Ha! I have trapped you into reading this post but I am not going to say much about the cookies. They are minty and chocolately. They are fudgey. They’re really good and quite easy to make.

But actually I am here to announce that we now do social media. Oh yes, we’re a very modern trio. Please “like” us on Facebook here and “follow” us on Instagram @strawberrypepper. We’ll post bonus food pictures and give you a heads up about new recipes.

Anyways, enjoy your holidays and these wintery cookies! A batch is being shipped out to Leila at this very moment :).

PS- Yes, that’s a picture of unbaked cookies because, um, I may or may not have eaten a few that way.

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Strawberry Mint Tart

Once I made a tart to satisfy the sweet tooth of my friend Nathan and this tart kicked some major ass. The idea for this recipe started when I began contemplating what to do with the bunches of mint from my mom’s garden. Of course that mint mostly ended up going into a delicious mint-coriander chutney, but the idea of making a tart with strawberry and mint flavors stuck with me. A month later I found myself at the grocery store with Nathan buying strawberries and mint.

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Potato Chickpea Patties with Cilantro Mint Chutney

When I was a kid, probably about 9 years old, I wanted to start a garden. I begged my mom to help me make one in our yard, and tried to convince her that I would take care of it (plant, weed, water, you know, the usual). I doubt she actually thought I would do all of those things at such a tender age, but I guess I convinced her that I wanted one badly enough.  I think my interest lasted long enough to watch as she dug up the earth and plant some flowers. I’ll be honest, I don’t actually remember participating in the actual gardening at all (but who knows, maybe I just have a fuzzy memory).

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