Scrambled Tofu Stuffed Portobellos

Makes two servings

I whipped up these stuffed mushrooms to share with my friend Kumars before we dove into a marathon of The O.C., his favorite show. Before you judge us as dimwitted, I’ll have you know that Kumars, an NYU masters student, heard tonight that he was admitted to UC Berkeley. Seeing as 90% of our seven-year friendship’s foundation is firmly based in overeating together, I am pretty sure I know how we are going to celebrate…

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Vegan Swedish Meatballs

It’s been a little quiet on Strawberry Pepper lately, as we’ve been busy with graduate school and things (I know, right?), but I promise you the wait was well worth it for these delicious meat-free balls. This recipe is adapted from a non-vegan version, courtesy of one of a good friends: my Swedish friend Emil. When I told him that I had started a vegan cooking blog with my sister he said, “make swedish meatballs! …oh wait, those aren’t vegan.” I told him to send me a recipe and I’d make a vegan version. But folks, it wasn’t so easy to just change the ground beef to ground seitan. I had to decode the Swedish recipe, including figuring out what a msk is, that zanzibar red head is clove, what a ‘gul’ onion meant, and so on… My detective skills (*cough cough* the internet) prevailed, and a scrumptious americanized and veganized adjusted recipe resulted.

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