Irish Shepherd’s Pie

Happy March! Hey guys, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up. I don’t usually celebrate the holiday much. Except maybe this year I’ll finally make it out to the dyeing of the river. The fifth year’s the charm, right? I might not go out for green beer and overcrowded bars on St. Patty’s day, but I definitely enjoy indulging my few percentage points of Irish heritage with food. Anyway, who doesn’t like eating all the food all the time?

This year for St. Patrick’s day I wanted to get a little fancy and combined a seitan stout stew with calconnon for a take on a shepherd’s pie (Bonus: It’s even green! Thanks cabbage!). It resulted in the ultimate comfort food. Beer, barley, potatoes, and seitan, can you go wrong?

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Vegan Hungarian Goulash

I am about to share one of the most delicious recipes in the world with you.

I went to Hungary 3 summers ago on a backpacking trip with my best friend. It was about three weeks into our trip and we both had just come down with this nasty stuffy cold. After trying to search the pharmacies for a good decongestant (and failing) we spent our time taking short walks, drinking lots of juice and relaxing and rejuvenating in the famous Budapest Széchenyi Baths, and finding ourselves underground in these weird caves under Buda Castle (seriously though, what were those things?!).

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Vegan Swedish Meatballs

It’s been a little quiet on Strawberry Pepper lately, as we’ve been busy with graduate school and things (I know, right?), but I promise you the wait was well worth it for these delicious meat-free balls. This recipe is adapted from a non-vegan version, courtesy of one of a good friends: my Swedish friend Emil. When I told him that I had started a vegan cooking blog with my sister he said, “make swedish meatballs! …oh wait, those aren’t vegan.” I told him to send me a recipe and I’d make a vegan version. But folks, it wasn’t so easy to just change the ground beef to ground seitan. I had to decode the Swedish recipe, including figuring out what a msk is, that zanzibar red head is clove, what a ‘gul’ onion meant, and so on… My detective skills (*cough cough* the internet) prevailed, and a scrumptious americanized and veganized adjusted recipe resulted.

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Thyme Biscuit Bake

What do you do when you’ve had a long day at work, and you just want your dinner to cook itself?

You make a delightfully creamy savory vegetable cobbler topped off with adorable little biscuits! This is comfort food at its best. Just think: chewy salty seitan, succulent cauliflower, slight sweetness of the lightly caramelized onion and carrot, tied together with a creamy gravy and thyme studded buttery biscuits that tantalize your tongue. This is more subtly flavored than some of the other dishes featured on this site, but its simplicity really highlights the flavors of the vegetables and herbs used in the recipe.

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Panang Curry

There is nothing tastier and more flavorful than a homemade curry sauce. This could be said of all foods, cooking from scratch always results in more delicious products. The only reason why people even take short cuts is out of time constraints, or feelings of laziness (yes, it happens to the best of us). There are plenty of nights where I get home from lab and feel too tired to cook and the best I can manage is to eat some fruit, or make some pasta (or hope for leftovers in the fridge!).

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