Super Spinach Spanakopita

Makes six servings

Although it’s not the most photogenic food (I tried!), I. Love. Spanakopita.

So much that I might name my first child Spanakopita. I could even probably get it tattooed on my lower back.

Alright, maybe not, I could see society being unwelcoming of both a child named Spanakopita and spanakopita tattoos (people are narrow-minded!), but my point is just that I owe the Greek people a major tribute because they have given me the gift of one of the world’s most delicious foods: spanakopita.

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Spinach Basil “Ricotta” Manicotti

Makes eight servings

Leila arrived last night from Cambridge with her five-month-old daughter and husband in tow. I knew they had risen at the ungodly hour of six in the morning to travel all the way to Illinois, and I wanted to have dinner in the oven by the time they got here to provide a dose of comfort after a long day of traveling with a baby.

I decided to take a stab at manicotti, which I have never eaten nor cooked, but I figure holidays are the perfect time to invent new recipes! The tofu ricotta is rich and creamy, and the spinach adds an extra nutritional punch. Let me know what you think.

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Artichoke and Spinach Dip

I never really watch sports on TV. While I enjoy going to the occasional game it’s never really been one of my bigger interests. I will make the exception on occasion and did so a couple of months back and went to a friend’s place for a game. I actually think I ended up leaving before the beginning of the game, but before I left I ate some of the most delectable vegan spinach and artichoke dip.

I knew I had to have this dip recipe for myself. So I did. And I’ve made it several times tweaking a little here and there (it always comes out delicious). Once I even made it for a party and then “forgot” to bring it so I could save most of it for myself.

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Winter Squash Kibbeh

You might have thought I was all done with the winter squash. But then you must not have peeked into my pantry lately. If you were to take a look, you would have spied 4 giant butternut squash, 2 sugar pumpkins, 1 acorn squash, 1 delicata squash, and a splendid blue hubbard.  That is how our lovely CSA ends with an October bounty that will last us until January, if I manage to store them correctly. So forgive me for continuing the squash journey.  I brought you a warming Tex-Mex inspired butternut soup, and that Pumpkin Maple Spice ice cream that detoured through China.  Today, we’re heading to Lebanon.

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Sai Bhaji

As mentioned on our About Us page, we sisters are half Sindhi. Growing up, we got to experience the wonderful traditional Sindhi cooking of our grandmother, and the less traditional, but equally delicious, Sindhi cooking of our father. One of the most common dishes that our grandmother made was Sai Bhaji, a spinach-based one-pot meal. Like many Indian and Pakistani style dishes the vegetables and dal are cooked down until they form a thick flavorful gravy.

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