Acorn Squash with Berbere Wild Rice Stuffing

Makes two servings 

The cost of living in New York City hasn’t left me with the most robust food budget. Combine this with my schedule, which often has me home from work at 10PM, and it’s an understatement to say I have been gravitating towards easy and cheap meals (hello, pasta!).

Somehow I think I am eating more like a college student now that I have graduated college. But, I must do better! It turns out that acorn squash is really cheap and healthy, so this recipe was born, bringing a bit of color into the greyest weeks I’ve witnessed so far in Brooklyn. Acorn squash is rich and earthy, wild rice is chewy and flavorful, portobellos are juicy, silken tofu is creamy, and Berbere is, hands down, my favorite spice blend ever. The result is a lavish and filling dish that goes easy on your wallet…alway a plus in NYC!

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Winter Squash Kibbeh

You might have thought I was all done with the winter squash. But then you must not have peeked into my pantry lately. If you were to take a look, you would have spied 4 giant butternut squash, 2 sugar pumpkins, 1 acorn squash, 1 delicata squash, and a splendid blue hubbard.  That is how our lovely CSA ends with an October bounty that will last us until January, if I manage to store them correctly. So forgive me for continuing the squash journey.  I brought you a warming Tex-Mex inspired butternut soup, and that Pumpkin Maple Spice ice cream that detoured through China.  Today, we’re heading to Lebanon.

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