Carrot Maple Oat Bars

I imagine that these lovely carrot bars are the sort of thing Good Hostesses have on hand at all times. The sophisticated marriage of carrot and maple has a decidedly uptown appeal, while the drizzle of cream cheese glaze reassures that this recipe is a crowd-pleaser. The bars are elegant enough to be the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon tea or after-dinner coffee. And if you skip the glaze, they would be a sweet and hearty addition to your breakfast table. See? Elegant, versatile, crowd-pleasing–these are things that the Good Hostess in my imagination would definitely appreciate.

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UnBeetable Peach Summer Sunshine Muffins

I have a dear husband who claims he doesn’t like beets.  Roasted beets? No way. Borscht? Forget about it.  So now that I have a refrigerator full of beautiful beets–classic red beets, sunny yellow beets, candy-striped chiogga beets–I wonder what I got into with this (otherwise amazing) CSA.

That’s when the beet bean burgers come out (with some soy pepperjack and enough ketchup, those will pass muster). And the beet chocolate cake (because we have never met a chocolate cake we didn’t like).  Burgers and cake will serve you well, but on the third week of beets, they won’t quite get you there.

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